three bottles of honey

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  1. Hey… What a topic! N what a way to get closure.. what a way to release yourself from your own pressure to be dignified. Liberating ourselves from our own guilt is what takes so much time. It is never the other person.. infact they keep making their appearances till we grow out of it. N thats the best part.

    I had a friend who would tell me- I am the only one at the top. Baaki sab Chu** hain! It rings true.


  2. Thanks..curious creatures..Huh… does that mean u read that post??
    well .. i kinda expected that….which is why i gave that post instead of the blog address….. oh by the way am sending a long mail.. to that ramya today… not exactly a rant…..but not an apology either.heck thannilai vilakkam springs to mind but sounds wrong for some reason…….

  3. Ironically, and at the risk of sounding flirty.. the current closure am not able to figure out is also called ramya… 😈

  4. oh and by the way watch out for doing the reverse..the scripts you can say when you meet … what to say… all before even the 1st date….

  5. /// They’re always scripts of all that I wish I had been able to say and didn’t. I realized that my lack of expression had translated to lack of closure, which in turn was fitting well into my lack of sleep.

    The coulda, woulda, shoulda malady….as somebody called it………
    ///Making a snide remark at such a time is probably not classy..

    To hell with classy….

    ///You have to figure out how to achieve closure, all by yourself.

    Welcome to the club……

    I have been here since 2 years and improving but i got a long way to go…
    Looks like you have not been in it longer than’s an uphill task…take help as and when needed..