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  1. Ideasmith — In the same line as that last quote from your “[an-]other male friend”, have you seen the video “Tough Guise”? It’s on Youtube here: Check it out; it’s quite an eye-opener. Especially for a guy.

    I’m quite firmly heterosexual myself, and I have to concur, there are few things I find as beautiful as a woman’s body. But I’ve found that I also can, and do, appreciate the beauty and attractiveness of a well-proportioned male body (which just happen to be far less common than the female counterpart). I just can’t imagine having a *sexual* encounter with another man, that’s all. It simply doesn’t compute.

    And re. male gayness vs. female lesbianism: I don’t think guys really care about the ethical/moral/scientific questions when it comes to the latter. All we see are female bodies getting orgasmic, and that’s all we care about. 😉

  2. what a co-incidence, I watched American Beauty last night..

    “The most common argument I’ve heard against masculine homosexuality is that it is ‘disgusting’. Dig a little deeper and I get an explanation of how same sex unions can never result in progeny and hence are useless to evolution. My strongly masculine friends elaborate on how wonderful the female body is and express their utter revulsion of anyone who can enjoy the male body.”

    actually this made me think my views on the subject, frank and honest I do not have any, .. I guess its normal to have different orientations when it comes to body.

    I am just wondering how their emotions would be, do they think differently?, or is it just the ill mouthed media, which is so hell bent upon showing them as the cross dressers with hots for muscles as seen in any typical movie.