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  1. @ Brad: Alter-egos aren’t supposed to blow each other’s cover off in front of other people!!!! :p. Besides, who says ‘he’ didn’t mean anything at all? After all, I didn’t reply to anything that ‘he’ said or didn’t say.

  2. ‘He is still as much a part of my life as he was before’ – It is very annoying when somebody says exactly the same thing as I would’ve and probably also mean exactly what I would have meant. This is such a diplomatic statement, coz’ if ‘he’ didn’t really mean anything to you, s/he continues to mean nothing, thereby being a part of your life just as ‘he’ was before! Hmmm. We are such evil people and we love it, don’t we!

  3. @Brad: 🙂 I saw it. I was just woondering if you were making a point of it by mentioning it again, here.

    @Sanjay: Nice. I’m not overly fond of rhymes but I like the last line.

  4. Whats to remember..
    whats to forget

    bitter sweet memories
    one ought not to regret

    The brave will choose to cherish
    while ‘amnesia’ walks to perish

  5. I read somewhere “some saplings just won’t grow yonder. You can’t force them to sprout, its just that the soil’s just not right for them.” I have personally applied this analogy during all my break-off’s. try it if it helps.

  6. Easy, It definitely shall be,
    To forget you, I promise thee,

    In an instant, I could be no more,
    For when I cease to exist, I shall cease to remember thou.

    Yet, I hold your hands close,
    Not wanting to let you go,

    It wasn’t a choice I made,
    Still and cold, in a suit plaid.