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  1. “Give me a man with problems any day. The one with secret demons, unseen worries, deep-seated fears and dark nightmares.”

    Exactly my thoughts 🙂

  2. Shucks, Spidey is such a looser. Think about it; directly responsible for killing his uncle, his best friend hated him, girl friend is pathetic, he takes really bad pics and lives in a place where even he has to struggle to open the door. Your correct, all the girls will wanna moma him. Black spidey was some redemption….if at all.

    Flawed could be OK, but looser???

    C’apn Jack anyday. least he has his priorities right.

  3. All men are flawed men. And all women look for them too. In the end what matters is how much you accept those flaws, not repair them. ‘Coz all flaws cannot be repaired. and sometimes repaired flaws give birth to more.
    Besides, if a man/woman were not flawed, he/she would not need to look for the other at all.

  4. Men cant help but fail-to-notice the flaws in woman’s life! call it dumb, insensitive or anything you wish! on the other hand, (i dont know why) women emphasize more on these aspects.,…at the end of the day its near to impossible to find someone who accepts you with your flaws & live with it! Everyone has flaws, some pretend to hide, some cant!