Hungree kya?

Me: Do you want to be made to feel very hungry? SNC: No. Me: Look at this anyway. SNC: I don’t want to be made to feel hungry. I am hungry. SFOS: *shaking hands with SNC* I’m SFOS.

Life means more

24 hours just never seem to be enough in this city, you know? Every minute, every day feels like you’re running just 10 minutes behind. The one bit I really agreed with this otherwise horrific movie on, was the tightly managed shuffle for space and time. There’s a Rahul (Sharman Joshi) in every Mumbaiker. Managing ... Read More

Playing doctor

While on this monologue, I passed over one particular profession. The noble one so to speak. For a fact, I haven’t ever dated a doctor. Well not a noble man either. Or a nobleman for that matter. Assuming for the moment that those of Apollo’s profession may have a strain of blue blood in them, ... Read More

The right answers

Greek Alphabet asks how I react when a man tells me, You are not the woman I thought you were. You are still a girl. Being a classic multiple-choice-answerer (haven’t you noticed I’m a blogger in the plural?), here’s what I would say to: The I-lurrrve-him-sooo-much guy: (Click each thumbnail to see full comic)   ... Read More

I am Jill’s unfeminine wiles

Jack’s eyes lazily scanned the room, taking in all, accommodating none. Gillian paused mid-speech, in spite of herself and her breath stuck in her throat. Then she caught herself and smoothly moved on, ramming her words into each other to create an artful slip of tongue. The ripple of amusement that passed through her listeners ... Read More

The Masculine Mystique

So why bother hiding things at all then? (Click on thumbnail to see full comic on a separate screen.)

IdeaSmith’s poison

I’m convinced that it must be my karmic destiny to live a reverse-life. To enjoy things that most people find boring or bizarre. And to agonize over things that ought to be fun. I’ve been racking and shelving and cupboarding (okay, I’ll stop!!) my brain to come up with something to write that is ‘different’ ... Read More

Little reminders

Being my own best friend is probably even more powerful than it sounds. I’ve been groping in the dark for faith, for reason, for light. And then, I find this, written three years ago, or slightly longer…by me. And to think I’ve been brooding over bad traffic, space constraints and petty mind games. When I ... Read More


2 October 2004 Sometimes life comes at you like a thousand asteroids rocketing through space And hits you, one at a time and then more and more and more Till the reality sinks in That there is no planet, no sun or galaxy All there is, is the vast, still brooding space That you are.

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