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  2. I read a comment in here after a long time and thought to myself 'Oh man, this guy commented exactly like I would have' only to find that it was my comment! Btw, if you haven't moved on to Bourbon, you really should. I admit, it's an acquired taste. It's great.

    On a different note, try 'Mudslide, no milk'. 🙂 Tell me what you think.

    1. @ Brad: If Mudslide is a vodka drink, I’ll pass. The Russian poison doesn’t agree with me. Bourbon, will give it a shot, though it will be nicer if you’re around when I do. So when is that happening?

  3. Perfect! I know what I am trying to make this weekend 😀 – its been a long while since I’ve had pineapple, rum, tabasco and all of them together 😀


  4. @ Australopithecus: To your health!

    @ Rambler: Don’t have a taste for spice?

    @ Sense: Rum is always good. 😉

    @ Brad: LOL…all the more reason we must call it a Bradtini!

  5. Ideas plagiarized:
    – mixing tabasco – from a recipe called ‘Forest Fire’ (google) with vodka

    I just changed the mixer and the alcohol.

    Ta daa…

    Btw, ‘Bradtini’ sounds awful; mimics ‘Brangelina’ or something like that!!! Jeepers! :O Let’s continue to give the original drink credit and call it ‘Forest Fire Rum Drum’.