Serene by the sea

My blog’s god-father tags me to post a photograph taken this year with the instructions that it be, One photo that you have clicked this year that is special to you. Could be anything…aesthetic, technical or personal. Also, put in a short note why it is special. So here is the memorable photograph of this ... Read More

Only flowers

I’ve developed a rather late interest in flowers. And why not? With all the frivolous things that we spend on, a little bit of beauty is much appreciated. Why must a gift always be intelligent or useful? How about just alive? Nothing better than a flower then. Here’s an account of my most recent floral ... Read More


* Ring Ring * Hi! I just made a fantastic discovery! Call me Idea-Columbus! What did you do now? Remember the Bluffer’s Guide book? I just discovered that there is an entire series of them! In 2 minutes I will be the proud owner of the Bluffer’s Guide to Women, Relationships, Sex and Seduction!!!! 🙂 ... Read More

Throwing the blame

The worst thing you can do to another human being is to kill them and make it look like suicide. Or hurt them and make them believe that it is their fault. The Girl with a one-track mind shares a horrific experience and its aftermath. He raped me throughout the night as I tried to ... Read More


Friends used to be people I could talk to. Now I hang the tag of FRIEND on anyone who lets me be silent.

Vegetable Shopping

Once, during my winter vacations, my grandmother sent me downstairs to buy some vegetables. I knew nothing about veggies of course but her reassuring face hovered above from the balcony as she said she would point out the fresh ones from the rest. So I skipped down the stairs to catch the vegetable cart. Once ... Read More

Light at the end of the tunnel

One of the sweetest women I know is facing a personal crisis. But she finds that her pain and her fears act as a shining beacon on her secret hopes and desires. And from that emerges some profound spiritual insight as well. I have been struggling every moment with questions that echo, reflect and get ... Read More

A survival guide to Mumbai trains

This post actually started out as a draft for the ‘7 series’ on Mumbai Metroblogging. It didn’t make the deadline then. Considering that Mumbai trains are in the news again, I think it is worth an airing anyway. I’m relying on the fact that most of us in this city, live on little oases or ... Read More

Maternity leave

Yes, I realize that I haven’t been posting here for awhile. I’ve been busy tending to the new baby. And in response to anantha‘s question….patience, patience and I’ll deliver (again!)… 🙂 Fikar not, there’s plenty more up the XXFactor sleeve, I haven’t run out of things to say (!) but I’ve been short of time. ... Read More

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