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  1. @ Arvind Iyer: You were. But I frequently update the roll…fresh ideas all the time!

    @ Vi: How about the vada-pav at the roadside stalls? The panipuri on the beach? The sandwiches off a little table? 😀

    @ byker7: LOL….

    @ Sumanth: You know, I can actually relate to that as well. Even though I’ve lived here all my life. But then…that’s what my first line is about. This really is home.

  2. Better you than me. This is a city that I live in, waiting for the opportunity not to. There’s nothing here that binds me to it, nobody to come home to, no room to breathe air that can sustain me.

    Sadly, a couple of cute lighting effects don’t do anything to ease the pain. I’ve seen better, and I’ve lived better.

  3. I’d love to see Mumbai through the eyes of someone who considers it home.

    Though I was born and partly raised there, I feel nothing for it other than the occasional nostalgic cravings for that delicious plate of bhel puri.

    Sigh, speaking of which, I could sure eat some right about now…

  4. Oh yea good to be back again.. on second thoughts i have always been around.. just not hoppin much. How have u been? And yes I have updated the blogroll and I see am out of ur list..(wonder if i was ever in it in the first place?)