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  1. Beautifully written. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it any of my other comments on other posts elsewhere, but I love the way you write.

    Thank you, for passing on to your readers the inspiration(s) that you yourself have gotten from the young and the old.

  2. Cancer was always around … hear so many people going through it ……..but when it hit closer to home it really became big for me.

    One of the hardest parts for me and something I still get a litlle teary eyed about was looking at my loved one without her hair.

    I have resolved and am really keeping up to it never to complain about my beautiful hair again.It’s like you forget and need to be reminded off and on what’s really important in life

  3. @ dazzlecraze: From experience…writing helps. Take care.

    @ Dusty: 🙂 Thank you. But I’m not from the south region, me Mumbaiker 100%!

    @ Gaurav: I don’t keep track of meets so I’m the wrong person to be asking.

    @ Dreamcatcher: My one and only reader/fellow-blogger from those days! 😀 Right you are, of course!

    @ Brad: This is from my early days (see my reply to Dreamcatcher). I’m migrating posts from there now and then.

  4. Do post the blog address where I can find the post that you have mentioned in here. I would like to read articles/posts in the vicinity of that period.

  5. No words will do any justice…just know that this is beautiful…!!!

    You from the south region of the country….loved the piece with mum and the word power scene from RD…: )

  6. your words have so much inspiration to me…I too am boggling battles within myself that no one seems to understand or take seriously…I try to talk to the people that say I can lean on them but in the end I just feel that I have burdoned them and end up under the covers of my bed holding a box of tissues and asking myself “what happened to you?”