person holding black tube check blood sugar diabetes

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  1. @ Chrissy, Primalsoup: Yes, its hereditary as well. And living with someone who is diabetic really makes you realize the magnitude of the problem.

    @ Primalsoup: Thank you!

    @ Sense: I would hope not. I believe it is more commonly passed to the offspring of the opposite sex, so if this is your maternal patti, there may be a chance it doesn’t go through. As for the will….our pattis may have been in school together! 🙂

    @ Brad: LOL….my A.E. always turns a serious situation into a laughable one!!!

  2. @Sense: At first, I thought you were referring to someone as ‘dog’ (patti in Malayalam), then i thought you were referring to your ‘husband’ (patti in Hindi), AND THEN FINALLY, i realize that it is ‘grandma’ (in Tam) Phew!

  3. yes. My patti had it. I’m afraid, I might have it too, sometime in the future. and when I do, I hope I have half my patti’s will, but none of her stubborn-ness.

  4. Very nice……there are so many people I know……including my dad who has diabetes…’s really something we need to sit up and take notice about!