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  1. Men who are fitness professionals are comfortable talking about periods because they hear questions about them all the time. This goes for swimming instructors too(those usually trained by international professionals).Questions like can i workout when i have my periods?can i swim when i have my periods?

  2. This is a good one by IdeaSmith – she does not mince words on social attitudes is refreshing. As a male, I cannot really relate to this – I would be stupid to say something like “I understand” – no I cannot, its biologically impossible.

    But what I can understand and possibly do something about are silly jokes, wrong information about menstruation and overall a paternalistic attittude towards women, us men show.

    Such clowns (borrowing from another comment up here ) can be told off and hopefully educated with more men like me telling them off – and not supporting their stereotypes by guffawing at the next male chauvinistic joke.

    1. @Aditya Kane: Thank you for commenting! A lot of these men don’t take a woman protesting, seriously. But they might pay heed to another man’s words.

  3. Very well written Madam.
    Being a guy, I apologise for that clown who made that joke ( which I agree wasn’t even funny. It reminded me of the cliche melody/chocolatey tag ad.)
    Yes, I agree with you that this pseudo taboo should be taken off. Talk about your period/your side effects. I listen to my female friends telling about it. I empathise and also offer to help by probably getting a painkiller if it helps.

    Understanding women is something we men should start doing. I do. I encourage my male friends to do so. Hope the others follow suit…

    Lovely piece of work. Do keep writing. Will follow your blog.

    1. @P.P.: Hi, I was on your blog just now! Thank you for reading and for your support. It makes for an encouraging change from men who want women like me to shut up and be Barbie dolls/cooks.