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  1. It’s possible the postcard writer probably meant it metaphorically. Like “I am that bee girl but I haven’t found my field of bee people yet.”

    I guess it could be someone who wanted us to believe it was the video or album girl literally but it’d be pretty stupid to lie and not even get your time frame right with the ages.

  2. What no one has pointed out yet is that while this post secret is NOT from DeLoach, it may still be authentic. Notice it does not say “I am the little bee girl from the Blond Melon VIDEO.” DeLoach was only in the video… the girl on the ALBUM was NOT DeLoach, but Georgia Graham, younger sister of Glen Graham (drummer), and this Post Secret may very well be from her. Then again it could still be a hoax all around, but who knows.

  3. Did nobody else notice the part in the video where the bee girl opens the gate and finds a whole bunch of other bee folks who dance like her and welcome her into their group? I think it’s all about being a little odd and having a hard time finding where you belong in the world – living through all the humiliation and sadness of not belonging, then finding your “tribe.” I always found the video a little sad, but ultimately hopeful and sweet. So sad to have lost Shannon (lead singer for Blind Melon) and everything he’d surely have given us. Glad to hear Heather is doing well.

  4. Heather DeLoach is successful and doing well. She is the sister of a god friend of mine. She is smart and a hard worker. She still works in the industry and is living a great life!

  5. This was very interesting to read! I feel like the postcard is most likely a fake, though. She’s 25 now and still works as an actress. I’m pretty sure that Post Secret was not around when she was 18.

  6. @ Z00nie: :-). Does you past have any such intriguing secrets?

    @ Melody: Thanks for the tip-off. I guess it wasn’t her after all then. But the fact is, that someone sent that card in…can you imagine what it must be like to write that card and not even be able to acknowledge your association with it? Someone somewhere definitely needs comforting and this post is for them.

    @ J.Alfred Prufrock: This is an honour! The Idea-smithy has been graced by the presence of an A-lister!!! But umm…I am not frequently a ‘cheerful blogger’….all my cheer is used up in real life and my morosity on the blogsphere!

  7. I actually loved the song, how could one not with lyrics like:

    “I just want some one to say to me
    I’ll always be there when you wake
    Ya know I’d like to keep my cheeks dry today
    So stay with me and I’ll have it made”

    I also loved the video, tragic though it was… incidentally, I checked up on wiki (yes, I’m THIS bored on a Saturday night):

    “On February 26, 2007, a PostSecret post card purporting to be from DeLoach showed up on the PostSecret blog. It depicted the Bee Girl with the words “I’m the little Bee Girl from the Blind Melon album. I’m now 18 and still trying to find where I belong.” The postcard is not likely from DeLoach, as her birthday is February 1, 1983, making her 24 years old as of the posting”

    Ok, I’ll go now & pretend I have a life…

  8. Ive heard of post-secret but neva visited that site untill today 🙂
    Lemme search for ma past too…maybe I might come out with something really interesting 😀