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  1. True.. what point in reminding unpleasant memories to someone who has forgotten them. What matters is that you still matter to that person!

    I also have this gift or curse of remembering everything… every damn thing, so much so that I feel the cupboards in my brain are full of unwanted details !
    .-= Ms Taggart´s last blog ..Rant rant rant… =-.

  2. Even I block my mind about unpleasant things, things for which people have made me feel hurt, so forget them. You call it a gift.
    But I just don’t forget the good memories. Hold on to them too tight. Thats what keeps me going sometimes.
    But that gift of forgetting things that weren’t good, is not that great a gift cause it doesn’t help you move on, sometimes you need to hold on to that one bad thought to help you leave the past behind, forget about some people, if you only remember the good and forget how they hurt you, then you are that person who takes a long time to get over things! hmmff..

    In your case I get what you are saying and I’m glad that she doesn’t remember the details, but forgetting the unpleasant is not always a virtue,… a different perspective 🙂

    1. @Swetha: It’s a valuable perspective. I never thought about that, being so much of the other kind of person. The kind that clings onto memories for dear life, even when they are bad, broods over them incessantly. I guess it is an important part of healing and being able to let go.

      @Ms Taggart: Too much clutter in there, no? I know what you mean.