To The Atypical Indian Male

Maybe you aren’t a violent would-be sex offender.
Maybe you are a nice guy with a libido.

Maybe you actually do respect women.
Maybe you can see my brains and my spirit in addition to my body too.

Maybe you can be a real friend.
Maybe you’ll stand by me longer than a night or two.

But consider this,

I live in a world full of the men that you are not.

I’ve grown up with them, studied with them,
worked with them and even been involved with some of them.
It is them all as far as my eyes can see.

But you want me to believe that in all this trash, you exist too,
because you are worth it, worth every bit of that faith.

Then, my dear, you’re going to have to try much harder to find me and to convince me,

Because I’m worth it too.

5 thoughts on “To The Atypical Indian Male

  1. I think it is very important to believe. To have faith is everything. I found mine, in spite of all the others I have seen and I attribute it only to my faith.
    Believe that you will find one, and I am sure you will. πŸ™‚

    1. @Adastrian: Thank you very much for this. I was indeed, running out of faith at the time I wrote this post. I was lucky to find someone who made me want to hope again.

  2. Like the way you refer to him , ‘atypical’ Indian male…so lets say you meant men in general and not just Indian ‘atypical’ male..what a difference a small space can make..”a typical”..”atypical”

    1. @Rambler: The ‘a’ makes it the exact opposite. And I did mean the Indian male because most of the men I am likely to meet are thus. What’s more the Indian male mindset does differ from that of foreigners.

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