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  1. Two posts and the same number of references to my name on XX!! Wow!

    And who said women cant be humourous? On a lighter note, who said u aint being funny in your posts? Every post of XXFactor is hilarious. Anyone blogging on the lines of “Women are equal or better than men” is hilarious. 😛

    Apoorva ducks and runs… while Smithy picks her rifle and takes aim!

  2. Men probably think with the head that they use the most, be it the right or the wrong one! 😛

    “Is it a coincidence then, that people like conversations with me, but not dates?” :: Ahem…*cough cough* Does that strike a bell!?

  3. **ONLY female comedians… **
    I think that should be comediennes…

    You should see this movie “Punchline” with Tom Hanks Sally Field.. where sally is an up-and-(hardly)-coming comedienne and Tom is an established one…

    Good movie…


  4. Damn if I were funny(-er) I’d give it a shot meself. My dad actually suggested it the last time I saw him.

    I was trying to immitate this stand-up I’m a big fan of, and he said he noticed that only men showed up on that show, so maybe I should give it a shot !


  5. Naah.. not true..

    I saw a show on HBO once… ONLY female comedians…

    And it was HIL-HIL-HILARIOUS !!

    I tried looking for a clip of it on the web.. but couldn’t find it..

    I think its more of an Indian-women-as-stand-up(s) I think… but its do-able.. I’d love to see how the audience takes it..