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  2. hey ideasmith 🙂
    i’ve silently been pouring over all your many many many articles over the past 2 days, (since i found out about the ideasmithy etc etc)..tooooo many thoughts and comments… aaargh… thus the silence so far… 😉 but i HAD to comment on this! It’s absolutely brilliant!!!
    The weirdest part is, i actually put forth an identical series of thoughts (but out loud, not online!) at a stayover cum girls-night-out recently! Puts my thoughts in a nut shell! maybe im just a sucker for rum too!

  3. I tend to lean towards vodka although bacardi white or bacardi limon are also favourites. Oh and Bradtini, the cocktail, tastes fantastic. I happened to make it two days back. 😛

  4. Gosh, smithy, this is v.e.r.y close to how I'd describe it! Except perhaps the Rum, (personally). Loved it 🙂 Just for that, dding you on twitter 😀 (Alright, not for that; saw your tweets on the side 🙂 ) Nice one!gauri