The tribulations of an ant

Wednesday: Meeting at 10:30, made it after wading through knee deep water, rolled up trouser legs, precariously balancing laptop on one shoulder (uggh….why don’t they make these things lighter?) and handbag on the other. Made it into the office! Soaking umbrella dumped into the bucket at the door, hair slicked back gel-style, clothes smoothed (thank god for synthetics!), a touch of compact and I’m ready to go!

Meeting went off well. After polite talk about the weather and state of trains in monsoons, we got down the nitty-gritty. Am signing off the minutes of that meeting with “Looks promising.”

Finished close to lunch. Debated whether to go to office (a rhetorical question). Braved muddy water flowing into the auto from either side and a taxi smelling like only damp upholstery can. Walked into a deserted office and a voice floats by “You actually came???”

No, I sent a solid holographic representation of myself so that you could claim to be good at ‘boosting employee morale’!!!

Thursday: I used to like swivel chairs as a kid. Now they’re my saviours. Twirling…thinking….*sniff sniff* “Smell something?”, “Yeah, something awful”, “Sniff sniff….yikes, there’s a leakage in the walls, we’re flooding up!!!”……roll roll roll away on these swivel beauties to the refuge of the conference room! Spent the whole day there while the housekeeping lads battled with the overflowing wrath of the water that runs below our building.

Now I can tell people, I live on one drain and I work on another and whole thing just about drains me out!!!

Friday: Workshop Agenda:
Introductions, *smile smile*
Gyaan *nod intelligently*
Ho hum sessions *Doodle on pad and sneak glances at mobile to check time*
Lunch *wow…these are always good*
Post-lunch trauma….errr sessions *glazed eyes and pasted on smile*
Wrap-up “We’ll finish the rest tomorrow. Please be here at 9 a.m. sharp”

Saturday: Workshop continues….
Half the team comes late….the upper half (but of course!)
*Yawn yawn yawn till lunch*
*Making plans for tonight by SMS*
“Thank you X,Y,Z. This was a very enlightening session. We hope it will be of use to everyone present. Blah…blah…blah” *Pasted on smile*

Sometimes I feel like school never got over!

Sunday: BOSS calls at 4pm: “Are you busy?”
Me: (attempting cheerfulness) No, not at all. Tell me?
No, I was just sitting next to my phone on a Sunday after having worked over the weekend, waiting for you to call with more work!
BOSS: The project is over and they loved it! We just got the mail from the other end! Now you can have a great weekend!
Me: Wow, that’s great!

Errr…when you said weekend, didja mean I could have tomorrow off??Gaaad my sense of humour scares me sometimes!

Monday: The day after a deadline + Monday + No rains, so no leaving early……..*yawn*. An old pal mails, brilliant brain types “You and I aren’t ever going to be Edison or Einstein. Chill out gal, work isn’t that important”.

Yeah, like the world waits a quarter of a century to tell me that???????

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