Back In Office

After a three year hiatus, I’m going back to work. On the 1st of September, I enter the office space again as an employee.

The last time I was a corporate employee, I was an anonymous blogger. A few colleagues were friends but not one of them knew about my blogs. I carried two people inside me and lived two lives – that of IdeaSmith and my (real) life – and rarely, if ever did the two meet. This is the final step in closing the anonymity with which I began my blogging life. It feels like a coming out of sorts; apprehension & relief jostling for my mindspace.

This blog began in an office, on a boring Tuesday afternoon. Some of my early posts were about the new world I found around me – the professional one. At some point of time, they made it into a blog of their own called Office Capers. I gave my colleagues funny (and generic, it is to be hoped) nicknames, reported nonsensical watercooler conversations and my personal reflections alike. And then, in 2007, when recognition got too close for comfort, I locked the blog away from prying eyes that might make the connection between the blog and me.

Today, my online and offline avatars have merged and mirror each other. So it feels like it’s time to bring Office Capers back. The posts from that blog can be found under the category Office Capers.

This time round, I’m older. I may not be wiser but I certainly carry the weight of more lessons. Concern for consequences is one of them and diplomacy may be another. I don’t yet know what I’m going to say in Office Capers yet. But I’d like to keep the tone funny, whimsical & chatty as it was when I began. I imagine that’s not a tall order considering what’s waiting for me on Saturday – new colleagues!

Wish me luck!


And in case you still haven’t gotten the hint, I really want you to go and check out those old posts! Here are some of my favorites:

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