The Non-relationship because…

  • I need time.
  • I’m afraid of committment (Honest but jackshit nevertheless)
  • I’m really busy building my career right now.
  • My family won’t approve of us.
  • We don’t know each other that well.

The Non-conversation because…

  • It’s too embarassing to talk about.
  • Why ruin a perfectly good mood?
  • There is never an answer.
  • If you start, I’ll leave!
  • Je ne comprehende pas…Parlez-vous Man-ese?
  • Oh, forget it.

The Non-boyfriend because…

  • Need I say (crib, wail, nag, complain, bitch) furthur?
  • Huh? ‘Boyfriend’ is spelt with four letters.
  • I’m really fond of you but I don’t love you.
  • I care, I don’t, I’m intense, I’m indifferent, I’m incomprehensible.
  • Ask him, I’m out of ideas

The Non-breakup because…

When did we ever say anything about getting together?

*Latin for “It does not follow”. Just like men and relationships. Hmph.

6 thoughts on “Non Sequitur*”
  1. You know something – what you’re writing here describes a situation I’m going through ekdum accurately.
    But if this is the problem, what can be the solution tell me. especially when there’s a non-breakup and you like (?) each other so want to spend time together too…

  2. Well that’s certainly a biased post……
    you don’t certainly want someone to ask to marry you and then break it off later…or worse ask for divorce do you???
    Why do you expect some guy to marry you because you have been living together or whatever just for a couple of months/years and not discussed anything about each other’s childhood memories that shaped your personalities???
    I believe it is just a momentary embarrassment/whatever………you can always bring it up later and you do so in most cases

    Overloaded, overused word……… how many guys have you rejected saying “Let’s just be friends”???

  3. @ Rakhi: No clue. If I knew, I wouldn’t be writing this post, would I?

    @ Anand: I said nothing about my expectations and neither did I mention anything about the duration of our acquaintanceship or what we actually did talk about. As for your last question, I have never kept anyone hanging in hope. I think it is deeply disrespectful of a person and if I don’t care for them, I anyway don’t want them hanging around me.

  4. Oh i was highlighting a few facts which must be highlighted for a balanced discussion……
    Otherwise i know nothing about you personally to accuse you of all the stuff…… am really sorry if i came across that way…….(guess should have tried to write in a clearer language… will do so next time ….. ) ….

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