HRP: I’ll send this mail and then I can leave.
CC: At 4 in the evening? Great!
HRP: I can leave but I won’t.
CC: You make as much sense as any HRP does!
HRP: Yeah, it comes from having a best friend like you. *Sigh* I wish there was a rule that when you finished your work you could leave.
CC: You are Human Resources. You make that rule.
HRP: Yeah, and I’ll have no job to come back to tomorrow.
CC: Try hiring yourself back. Or creating a new job description you fit into.
HRP: Very smart. Now we know why you aren’t a HRP!

One thought on “Catch-22

  1. If there was a rule that I could leave only when my work is done, I’d probably have to bring my sleeping bag to work.. But I’m no HRP.–>

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