AI Indian man mama's boy

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  1. Guess inidan men are born with this disease!!
    No matter what the education background is, no matter if the guy has been living away from his mama dear for a long time, the umbilicord is STILL THERE that gives VITAL nutrition to his head and controls his time and energy. And yeah, tell it to your guy and see his frown, after it is just “caring for his parents”…Gosh..!! as if we women DON’T HAVE PARENTS???
    How we women wished if we could get some priority in our husband’s life and if moma dear could have injected some wisdom in her son’s head instead of praising and pampering her son to ridiculous heights!!

  2. @ Anonymous: It’s been falling to our lot to make the adjustments like…forever, hasn’t it? All the very best to you!

    @ zuzana: I’m sorry to hear that and I really hope you find your resolution soon.

    @ Lsa: It is mama who creates a mama’s boy after all.

  3. for me it’s not my husband that is a problem but his mom won’t let go – when we first got married she kept saying I need to pray (and also probably prayed in another life) to God AND her son with golden flowers for snagging him (yeah yeah LOVE marriage.) It got to such a point that she was saying that even to visiting friends/relatives that my husband had to talk to her about it – and she threw a mighty fit and was so hurt because she was after all ‘stating the truth’ – it’s more like he has to indulge her or else life is miserable for all of us.

  4. Gosh!how true…and sometimes sad…Like when you marry one of “mama’s boys”like I did….and now after 9 years of this torture getting separated….Because mama is a goddess and “only person who will ever trully love me”(that’s what my husband said)….but unfortunatelly how we are creatures of habbits and my husbands mother is very strong person,he married me,also quite strong personality…so and that’s it….and because mama wants to rull our life and Im opposing….there is problem…and poore man is stuck in the middle…and cant make decision….without his mama…hm,too bad Im getting out of there…its sick!tried for long enough,but can never give enough….GIRLS BE AWARE OF MAMA”S BOYS AS MUCH AS VIOLENT MEN!!!! it will ruin your life and put you off men for long time(ans I never said all men are the same)….

  5. IdeaSmith, this is wonderfully written. I was brought up in a family where we are just two sisters,hence I hadnt known much about a mama’s boy till i got married.
    It was an arranged marriage :)). Had very little time to know my hubby. Its been sometime since my marriage and i realize he is a complete mama’s boy. This fact just irritates hell out of me.
    My analysis is that, though gals are equally pampered, they are sensitive enough to grow out of their parents’ clutches and think independently(unlike the boys).

  6. Much generalization, dontcha think? I beg to differ about being the ‘Mama’s boy’, though mama continues to live the dream. Hmmm.

  7. I kinda agree. I don’t think all Indian men are mama’s boys, but I guess a lot of them are. The whole ma-beta thing is over-glorified in Indian society; hindi movies are a good example. I think the key is to leave home at some point and venture out into the world. I left home at 18 and I don’t think I was a mama’s boy, but it changed a lot of things between me and my parents.

  8. So true. I’ve never met men who are more into their mothers than desi men. Just found your blog today. Looks very cool so I am bookmarking it.