Having looked at all that the modern woman is going to be, lets look at what the modern men are going to be. Yes, you read that right…the modern womAn and the modern mEn. Because I think there will be multiple stereotypes to describe the kind of man attracted to and by the modern woman (MW).

The Stud: Popular, good-looking, accomplished, this one likes the best of everything, which is why he is attracted to MW and she to him. The relationships are bound to be short-lived though….someone has to be audience when one is performing and neither of these two will want to give up center-stage.

The Thinker: Philosophical, idealistic and yet cynical, intellectual..of course this one would love MW. She epitomises all that he’s been predicting for years about the world and she in turn loves the challenge he represents. Thus begins a new era of ‘Masculine Mystique’

The Lost Planet: Initially described as the sensitive male, probably the only way he can stay both sensitive and male is by escaping into his inner world. MW may throw a fit everytime he appears not to have heard her and then call her therapist to discuss how ‘MEN NEVER LISTEN!!!’

The Sad Soul (dukhi aatma!): There aren’t wimps any more. There are men who let their MW do whatever the hell they like with them, just so long as they can whine about it to the next MW that comes along. Am not sure why the MW likes this type…guess its deep-rooted guilt and latent maternal urges surfacing.

The Creeper: As the title implies, this is the one that likes to jump the bandwagons. Not a Stud or a Thinker, the only way this one sees to land a woman is to creep up on her quietly and take her over. He uses her to climb to where he wants to, doesn’t mind being the one draped on her arm, just so long as he’s seen with her. Just a highly evolved male specimen still exhibiting the very masculine need for status symbols.

The Parasite: This one differs from the Creeper in that he believes in cutting open the goose that gives golden eggs a.k.a. MW. There must be a machochistic gene programmed into the female DNA since this sort has existed from time immemorial and the smarter/stronger/more successful the woman, the more likely she is to get a Parasite. She has to be better, faster, richer, prettier…more than what she currently is and if she doesn’t try trying, she’ll definitely end up a sad echo of her former formidable self. Why do we assume only shy, weak, timid ladies get harassed and abused?

Certainly there will be more but I think these would be the broad categories of behaviour that influence and are influenced by the modern woman. It occurs to me that this whole post has an air of cynicism about it. Well go ahead and prove me wrong….I love a challenge. MW would.

4 thoughts on “The Modern mEn”
  1. Looking thro the colored glasses of a flawed Modern woman πŸ™‚ Although I cannot fathom it, I can see where u are going with it πŸ™‚ Actually looking thro colored,cynical glasses of a modern man, I would make the same classification about women too πŸ™‚ and herein arise the cliches like “Made for each other” πŸ˜€

  2. Cynical? Likely.. we all have moods that we fade in and out of like us ‘Studs’ switch relationships ;).
    To your credit ideasmith, you aren’t just drubbing us men by slamming each one into our stereotyped cubbyholes – most cases you have bemoaned how MW is still inextricably tied in to each type of Modern mAn despite his shortcomings!–>

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