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  1. @ Rambler: Well, if you are an exception to what we believe is the general rule…true, you have a lot of work cut out for you!

    @ Vasuki: Isn’t it? Thank The Lady for it!

  2. @ Rambler: A lot of women feel that way, self included and it is a result of our observations and experiences with men. Still, that can’t possibly apply to all men, I’m sure.

    @ greekalphabet: 🙂 You should have been at the party!

  3. Hahahhahahhahahhahahahaha (for what you did to that poor couple).

    But well, I would tend to agree with you completely on all that arrow placement business :).

    Pretty Accurate. lol

  4. thanks guys, good to know opinion matters :)..

    ok firstly absolutely dont agree with the spot of a man’s heart. may be I would have agreed a little cliched “man’s heart through his stomach” stuff, but really, do women feel that way? a man’s heart is way down there???

    btw arrows would be fun in the real world, just in case people have been totally mislead with the free porn, and the soft sleaze in bollywood, atleast it would show them the reality.

    what say people?

  5. So am I Rambler…I still suffer from the guilt of not being able to respond to your discussion initiation…the weather was inclement you see, now I dont want to miss a chance