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  1. 🙂

    Nice…Very Nice 🙂 You had Horlicks to contend with and I had to fight Malts specially Raghavendra Malt…But, now sometimes I miss it…

    btw, You don’t provide full feeds, any particular reason??


  2. heee i love my horlicks. but ill drink anything out of a steel tumbler.

    i had this cousin who for some strange reason decided to mix a few spoons of horlicks into the gulab jamun instant mix. i was scared to even try it but it came out great!

  3. @ Sense: Oh eww. Poor thang…the woes of childhood!

    @ DI: *Wagging finger* Evil child! Looks like there wasn’t ever a better case of ‘perfect timing’ 😉

  4. thats exactly the plan i devised at the tender age of 8! 😀 I used to neatly spill all the boost/bournvita/horlicks/everything-else-they-tried down behind our compound wall ….wrked fine till dad caught me one day! and continued to wrk fine coz they decided it was time to give up 😀

  5. @ hyde: Sarcasm suffices for me. 😉

    @ Teleute: My nostrils were burned and relieved of their olfactory duties since the periodic dunkings into horror-lix paal glasses. Even if they’ve recovered now, I won’t take my chances…will believe you!

    @ Australopithecus: Aaiooo paawam child, come let me give you a hot cup of Horlicks paal!

    @ Sense: We love our friends, strange though their tastes may be. However don’t you dare foist that horror-thing on my chweet neffy-poo!

    @ Grey Shades: Now, in retrospect it is. Then, it was torture!

  6. no! That’s not fair! I LOVE horlicks (yes! don’t gape- succh people do exist on the face of this earth) and the only thingI got at my relatives, since i refused to partake in the ‘kaapee’ ritual (blasphemy!) was scalding hot milk! and since we grow up on a staple diet of amul milk, i could immediatedly make out this was the product of undernourished tamizhnaad cows. EWW.

  7. hehe ..sympathize whole-heartedly…
    i was saved from horlicks and such like thanks to the indian army that insisted on posting my dad to various far flung places in the country making visits to TN difficult….and there we only got complan, and tea almost straight from the estates..

    hmm maybe thats why I suck at maths…and the only time i ever ran was to avoid the bunch of girls trying to tie a rakhi on me…but no shortage of smart answers in class..that led to frequent visits to the headmaster’s office….maybe horlicks is good after all.

  8. aah the sweet agony. But then i did find an ingenious way to solve this problem by eating Horlicks .. yes the raw thing 😀 it kind of sticks to the insides and makes you go all guey guey for a few minutes but then amma would notice the falling levels of horlicks and occasionally substitute tea for horlicks to meet budget constraints 😀

  9. Now you know why Complan later began the “I am a growing girl” range of advertisements. Not because they did not want to be labelled male chauvinists, but only because Horlicks garnered a large share of the market whose decision makers had at least one girl child in their families.

    As for me, I tried them all. Nutramul, Complan, Horlicks, Bournvita, Boost. These days I try tea, coffee or Tropicana.