Flashback to about 10 years ago.
Scene: The end of an all-important talk about the facts of life to my uninitiated-and-eager-to-learn friend.

Me: Yes, so that’s how it all happens. I thought you should know.
She: Sounds horrible!
Me: It gets better with time.
She: No way! I’ll NEVER get used to that idea!
Me: Yes, you will. Especially when you get married.
She: I’ll tell my husband I’ll scratch his face out if he comes anywhere near me!!
Me: Errr…umm….is that so?

Cut back to the present.
Scene: The ‘arranged-love-marriage’ wedding of the same girl to the boy-next-door who’s been wooing her for years and has learnt the valuable lesson that persistance pays.

Me: You always had the ability to surprise me. I thought you didn’t like him?
She: No, I just didn’t think too much about it I guess. But he’s a wonderful person.
Me: Well, as long as you’re happy….I was more than surprised that you were the one who was in a hurry to get married though.
She: Yeah, I’m sick of being a virgin.
Me: Errr…umm….is that so?

6 thoughts on “About-turn!

  1. hehehe…
    Just can’t stop laughing. btw, persistence doesn’t always pay. Perhaps that will be the subject of a post ten years down the line, eh? πŸ™‚

    — Heretic

  2. lol

    reminds me of my all-important-talk about facts of life from a cousin. I couldn’t think of a more horrible thing happening to anyone πŸ˜€

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