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  1. True that, one day doesn’t make up for all the rest. One day is like everyday, and I also suppose its about implementing the values and ethics “Women’s Day” carries into every week and month of our lives.
    It was interesting to read your take on the whole matter.

  2. Interesting perspective. The post started off as a breath of fresh air but lost clarity of thought at the conversation with the taxi driver. The vast majority of Mumbai taxi drivers are clearly subhuman with a limited intellect, knowledge and world view. To take them seriously about the issue of gender differences/rights and let them get to you is rather unnecessary.

    In such situations, if I lack headphones or am unable to put on a facade of being asleep- I will usually agree with everything the cabbie says and only intervene with softball interjections such as “hmm”, “ji”, “aisa kyun?” “kya baat kar rahe ho!” etc. This not only absolves me of having to even pay any attention to the conversation, but also makes the poor creature feel good and much more amenable to doing a few errands or going to a new, spontaneously decided destination should the need arise.

    This conversational strategy also works wonders with a lot of women.

  3. A very perceptive and an extremely balanced and mature write up. I wish many more people would think this way