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  1. I had looong hair and chopped it all off..I never took care of myself..and NOW on the wrong side of closer to a-hem I am NOT about to reveal that..and hey..suddenly I suddenly remember alll the things i didn’t not withstanding..LOLOL!–>

  2. Several things:

    1) Why the new blog? Is the old one dead?

    2) You linked, delinked, linked, and again delinked me in your previous blog. Will I get the same treatment here?

    3) It has been months since I called myself the Whore of Mensa.

  3. Well, well, well .. I am checking out your blog for the first time and was pleasantly surprised to see ‘a very familiar’ template 🙂

  4. err.. you like ‘pretty’ men? hmm..
    Alas I fail to recognize most of what you have described; perhaps I was born in a generation where women are not forced to wear sarees, stilettos and swathed in gold while going about their daily business. Maintaining that gorgeous mane is an effort towards aesthetics, perhaps akin to men shaving everyday (look what you women force us to do!).
    And isn’t the notion of beauty (or attractiveness), while restricting and confining, applied to XX and XY equally?