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  1. I didn’t even get Psychosomatic when I first read it. It doesn’t have much of an emotive stream either apart from the fact that I’m supposed to side with angry fat dudes. Also kicking a wall does nothing for my siding with anyone.This one also is due for an edit, to trim the fat, as it were. It does have two redeeming features though. The turn comes with a trochaism, which is a great way to turn, and the tense is an unusual one, and hard to sustain.

    I get that you were trying maybe to slide this towards magic reality, or some sort of Kafkaesque tale. Should pushed the buck more and sidled further towards the weird so as to be really clear.

  2. Creepy and sad in equal parts.
    I loved the way in which the story puts the reader right in the mind of the afflicted chap. Alas, the jackfruit metaphor didn’t quite resonate with me.