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  1. Oh please do tell me where you got those roman sandals! I love em! They look amazing, perfect design! And in black or brown would make my life! I even live in bangalore! Oh please mail me, I can’t finish a sentence without a “!”!

  2. I love my kitten heels now they look very sex with painted toe nails my husband thinks they look lovely. 😉

  3. “buy a good pair of
    shoes, they’ll get you through life and
    the change of seasons.”
    -old japanese haiku by Kakafukino Infinata(1101-1213 a.d.)

  4. Cool sandals! I can never graduate from my sneakers though. Chickened out on wearing high heels even on my wedding day! I am a lost case in this department

  5. ah…the afternoon conversation 🙂
    so we all grew up on bubblegummers but am yet to take the ‘big leap’, still with osho chappals and flip-flops!!!
    I will possibly never be feminine in this department, I need to since am born a lilliput!