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Thursday has all the guilt of reaching end of week without having done much, with none of the joy of Friday.

I’m wearing my first pair of wedge heels that look sensational and feel like hell.Β Β What I like about this area is that people stare…not lasciviously but curiously. The short skirt and heels are the sight of the day and the misal pav I wolf down for lunch is a passport to my fitting into this world, not an image inconsistency. Why are tasty things invariably so messy? My misal pav is a misal-mess with a trail of squeezed lemons around it. Are women generally more partial to sour things? I for sure, am….and I spend a brief enjoyable moment remembering the guy outside my college selling tamarinds, ber and kamrak (no clue what these are called in English) and the friend who said “Who needs a man when you have one of these???” I agree….sour wins over bitter any day.

Oh, I had paan as well afterwards, only meetha-paan has cherries, sweet syrup and coconut grating so its more like an exotic desi dessert. But one that leaves behind a funny, choky feeling in the throat. No red tongue thankfully. (I checked but the guy with me grinned “That’s silly, even for you!” and went back to chomping his own

Image by twicepix via Flickr


This morning my yoga teacher said that heels were terrible for my already sensitiveΒ back. I told her I’d take them off once I got to work so I’d be flat-soled all day. Then dad sniffed as I left, that “Those are too high. You should carry them in a bag and put them on once you reach office.” I nodded somberly both times. But I haven’t taken off the heels since 8 a.m. It keeps me from running about or even walking around too much.

It’s a day of unexpected but brief, delicious sensations.

7 thoughts on “Flavours Of The Day

  1. @ Shreyasi: Experiment failed. Went home with aching back and packed away wedge heels! πŸ™‚

    @ Perspective Inc: Oh gaawwwdd…I’ve never worn stilettos…being someone who manages to trip over my own feet even in sneakers!

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