Glass of drink sketch - what's your poison?

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  1. to enlighten you, the third sex has existed for quite some time now. members are generally grouped collectively, under the noun ‘married’.

    currently conducting feasibility study on making sucessful transition to this option, from archaic ‘male’ status.

    determined duration of study: min. 5 years.

    elapsed time: 3 and a half years.

    results (to date): inconclusive

    next steps: will report back upon expiration of deadline, or being thrown out by wife, whichever comes first.

  2. I did mean funny in a good way.. please dont consider that one seriously.

    hmm best kind of a guy friend.. well may be they exist, not sure..
    made me think on the lines of best kind of a girl friend.. 🙂

    ok the first one about shoulder to cry on, hmm I know its true, but find it really hard and sad to believe, so do you think all men will be like those 4?

  3. ha ha hilarious one :)..sorry didn’t mean to make fun of this but then could not control myself.
    “and one man would in no manner satisfy the friendship needs of a few women”
    oh really?, more explanation please, does it mean you have tried to do this before and found men wanting?, or is it just a well supported assumption??
    I guess you bring out a nice point, sexes have had well defined roles for a long time, I guess time to try the reverse, may be you would have some really awesome tales to tell later..