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    1. @Sunita: It’s so good to see you back here in my comments section! And welcome to my new website & blog! If you liked Modern Love Mumbai, please check out Modern Love Hyderabad as well? It’s in Telugu & English but with subtitles, pretty easy to follow. I’ve been dying to discuss with somebody!


    • What is left when all assumptions are stripped away?

    The start is intriguing especially this line

    • As a metropolitan Indian women with admittedly very radical views about my identity

    Loved the series of adjectives used in the line, each adjective speaks volumes especially about the personhood of the author! Metropolitan spoke about a rich and diverse perspectives, and Indian women reminded me of the struggles Indian women face, radical views underlined independent thinking

    • I haven't see myself in the stories served up for me, in books, movies & the conversations around

    • And because we are Indian women of privilege, these victories are treated as unfair advantages for which we have to pay a price in other ways- enduring shaming, gaslighting and finally, loneliness

    The last word loneliness hit me hard and maybe victory doesn’t feel like victory because opportunities in India especially for women are not available to all people equally!

    • Most people like me succumb and vanish from public narratives

    • How many single women in their 40s do you see in storylines, where they are not accessories to men or younger people as mothers/sisters/wise old guides?

    • Most of what popular Indian media serves up is misogynist, propagandist& personally triggering to me

    • Even the one story about gay men love had a powerful woman's influence in the backdrop

    Loved the idea here woman’s influence in the backdrop.