black floral hand mehndi wedding bride

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  1. @ Jason: Thank you for commenting…finally! 🙂

    We should have a good ol’ chat sometime about the entire match-making process. I’ve some anecdotes of my own….completely howlarious!

  2. LOL! That quote by your Dad is hilarious!

    I completely agree with you. My grandparents have already started sending me pictures and bio-datas of “nice Catholic girls”. Thankfully, my parents are a little more contemporary in their thinking, so we’re having a good chuckle over it all.

    Nice blog, btw. Came across it just last night. And your comics had me cracking up. 🙂

  3. @ FullMoononEarth: Yeah, it makes my mum think that I am taking an interest in cooking at last!

    @ Rambler: It’s all history and chemistry. 😉

    @ S: “Bhadrolok walruses & foxes”??? HAHAHAHAHHA! I’ll swap you a Mani-Idli-Iyer for a Babu Moshai!

  4. Oh yeah I forgot your great knowledge and interest about them. Trust me I haven’t found a respectable one, as yet, outside the menagerie although some adorable beta ones are around.
    A Mani-Idli-Iyer who invites me for a sunday cricket match on the road over cold noodles in a shut down food court is more than alluring! You dont need attraction when you have all that oooomph and chomp chomp :-p

  5. just the other day I spoke about marriages and attraction on two oh my blogs here you bring the pefect quotes for them 🙂

    So what does smithy say about attraction?

  6. Poor ‘Mani Idli-Iyer’……I am sure he and his creed deserve better than that. Some of his creed are as perfectly ‘hot and cooking’ as the sambar masala.
    After all the bhadrolok walruses and foxes I have encountered I still hope one of them will deliver one day….that’s S’s undying unrealistic optimism for you

  7. Completely agree with you on
    “I won’t marry someone I can’t imagine sleeping next to (and with) every night (and some days)!”

    But certainly
    “Like the perfect receipe for onion sambar? Ah, but sambar isn’t sambar without the sambar masala powder!”
    is a better way of conveying it to parents 🙂