disloyal man with jealous girlfriend looking at another girl meme

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  1. I know that feeling – that Failed Feeling.
    Then I just shut all my senses and say “FUCK OFF” to his memory.
    Yeah, temporary relief, but relief nevertheless

  2. Ideasmith — rest assured, men do face the same issue. We just don’t talk about it or openly let it show. Maybe because that’s supposed to be part of that code of masculinity I mentioned in my comment on your other post. Stiff upper lip and all that. I read somewhere that more often than not, it actually takes longer for guys to get over a break-up, because they don’t have the social/emotional support system [with other guys] that women share — and I know that to be very true in my case, at least. Even years after the end of my last long-term relationship, when I think I’m “over her”, coming across things that remind me of her is still painful (if I allow myself to dwell on the memories).

    “… women who tell me what great pals they are with their ex-es…”

    Completely agree with everything you said in that paragraph. There’s a song that goes — “I love you too much to ever start liking you / So don’t expect me to be your friend.” Hits the nail right on the head.

    Re. the snide remark from “the cat in you”: ROFL!!

    And (this is my last point, I swear 🙂 ), re. the issue of failure: I avoid that trap by reminding myself of the real, rational reasons why the *relationship* failed (not I, or her). And thankfully, I’ve always had excellent communication with the women in my life, so I’ve known what those reasons were.

  3. @ Adastrian: It is true and I don’t see anything wrong in it. I agree with everything you say.

    @ Shweta: Yes, to some extent. But if that’s the only case, we wouldn’t feel bad about relationships we walked away from, would we? And why don’t they understand? *Sigh* I wish I knew…

    @ Reshma: Your ‘medieval values’ are shared by a lot of us.

  4. Hmm. It still beats me, this whole ‘We were lovers once, but we still get along great’. That’s just so… spineless, even dead. If you were indeed lovers, and if you did, indeed, die when you realised it wasn’t meant to be, then there can be no circumstance where you would just settle for the whole cheap substitute of a bland ‘friendship’.

    When it’s over, it’s over. Chapter closed, end of thread.

    But that’s just me and my medieval values. Thanks for this post, I needed it.

  5. Sometimes I wonder why does one feel like a failure? Is it dependent on who walked away from the relp?? I guess so…..To add to it one goes through much more to see the other person so cool abt it and pretend as if everything is so normal…or for that matter at times say things such as ” My best wishes are always with you..I hope you get the best in life..” why dont they get the message right? i.e. He/she was the best thing that happened to them…and whats the use of those wishes when all that the person wants is to be with you..

  6. It is very true that one can never remain “friends” with an ex. Simply coz it is a constant reminder of what happened and in spite of the good times you cannot get back with that person. The biggest blunder I see many people do is to say that they are friends immediately after a break-up. That’s absolute rubbish and its nothing more than appealing ur ego that you haven’t failed and give another chance.

    If the break up was messy then meeting your ex anywhere else later even after many years could be pretty painful. But then, if the break up was on cordial terms.. where you agreed to disagree (a paradox, but true) then a chance meeting or encounter with that person in the past, at least doesn’t leave you with a bad feeling.

    All said and done, one can never be friends with an ex however the breakup and the best way to ever get over a person is to find someone else. I know it sounds very harsh and brutal, but that’s the truth.