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  1. Hmmm….interesting shift in politics….now we are discriminating not by religion but over geography. Way to go Rat Thackery and Scum Sena.

    And my dear Ideasmith…..please dont take a rickshaw driven by a north Indian. You may become the target of angry mobs…{sarcastic yawn follows!!!}

  2. @ arZan: LOL to Rat Thackeray and Scum Sena…I can’t really discern which rickshawalla is a north-Indian and who isn’t. And if I did, I’d be guilty of the same persecution, wouldn’t I? Safest bet I suppose is to leave Mumbai and live in the sea. No one owns the ocean floor…as yet.

  3. I’m usually very stoic with such things. But I really feel miserable seeing another Bal Thackeray clone rise to terrorize Bombay after the original has bowed out.