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  1. I’m usually very stoic with such things. But I really feel miserable seeing another Bal Thackeray clone rise to terrorize Bombay after the original has bowed out.

  2. @ arZan: LOL to Rat Thackeray and Scum Sena…I can’t really discern which rickshawalla is a north-Indian and who isn’t. And if I did, I’d be guilty of the same persecution, wouldn’t I? Safest bet I suppose is to leave Mumbai and live in the sea. No one owns the ocean floor…as yet.

  3. Hmmm….interesting shift in politics….now we are discriminating not by religion but over geography. Way to go Rat Thackery and Scum Sena.

    And my dear Ideasmith…..please dont take a rickshaw driven by a north Indian. You may become the target of angry mobs…{sarcastic yawn follows!!!}