I went to an Open Mic after nearly three weeks and I’m glad I picked that Monday to do it. It was an evening rife with unusual performances, from a poem-turned-song to a monologue to a haiku battle to a truly moving piece that made everyone’s eyes well up.

I had a piece I wrote awhile ago and have never performed. But something about the weekend that went by made me want to retain my good mood (that piece is, in keeping with my monsoon temperament, melancholy). So I switched at the last minute to one of the lightest pieces I’ve written and performed just once before at a comedy routine. It made a lot of people laugh and it made me sparkle just as though I’d had that much of my favorite alcohol (I’ve been on the wagon for months now).

There will be an I Wear post in video coming up sometime later. And in the meantime, here’s ‘If Alcohols Were Men

The blogpost that this was based on was written nearly 7 years ago and is here.

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  1. […] I started last week with going back to Tuning Fork for their Monday Open Mic and I’m so glad I did! It was a fabulous evening of unexpected, varied performances ranging from music, comedy to the kind of poetry that makes one remember what art truly is. I was also in a much better mood after my weekend mini-break to Pune so I dressed up. And here’s my look. (In line with the mood, I performed the following upbeat piece – ‘If Alcohols Were Men’) […]

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