The language of the geeks

Today I put my techno-greek foot back in my mouth (again! again! again!)

SNC: Do you know the iRiver?
Me: The what river?
SNC: Okay, you don’t know it.
Me: I didn’t hear you…what river?
SNC: The iRiver
Me: I don’t know it. What’s that?
SNC: Its like the iPod, an MP3 player
SFOS: Who are the makers?
Me: Apple obviously (going by the preceding ‘i’)
SNC: No, it isn’t. Its a me-too.
Me: Hmm…I wonder how come no one has come up with ‘iPea’ as yet.
*Loud laughter while I realise what I’ve said*
Me: What the hell…okay, maybe ‘iPeas’.
*Louder laughter*
Me: OH shut up! You know what I meant!
SNC: What…HARHARHAR….is wrong with you? KHEE KHEE KHEE…..there would be a problem if you didn’t!!!

Me: *Sulk sulk sulk*
SFOS: *in a serious undertone* That was a foe-grandpa
Me: Huh?
SFOS: A faux-grand-pas….the grandfather of a faux pas!

6 thoughts on “The language of the geeks

  1. @ Sensorcaine: Shhh….you ain’t supposed to tell those home-truths!

    @ Unani: Absolutely nothing important. Sort of Anglicized ‘baap of all mistakes’ thing.

    @ Sreejith: Friends? FRIENDS?? SNC and SFOS work with me and make life miserable for me everyday!!! See ‘Abbreviations’ under the ‘Footnotes’ section.

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