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  1. @ Manish: I agree with you. There certainly are enough of women who don’t even want the empowerment we’re getting. I speak only for those like me who are loving every moment of it! And thank you very much. Incidently, I welcome different opinions from mine at XXFactor, all I want is an opinion.

    @ Rambler: So I think. But perhaps that will change with this generation, what do you say?

    @ Nova: LOL…that’s apt!!!

    @ Ms Taggart: These ones aren’t that bad either. 🙂 But I’m glad you’re happy.

  2. A very intelligent post this is…

    I remember one of my married office collegues telling me that in her family, her husband was the head, but she was the neck and she decided where it moved! 😉

    Smart, aint it? 🙂

  3. I guess ideally it should have been a couple of copilots, instead of a driver and a back seat driver isn’t it?..

    you know what I think men have changed a lot ..I am sure there are lots of men who believe to stop pleasurable things when its going to fast..or may be I am under an illusion that there are..

    but I agree with the spontaneity part, it have a feeling that women are more free and open to spontaneity than men..what do you say?

  4. I wouldn’t say that my comments are entirely relevant to the post but after reading it, (and being an Indian Male 🙂 just felt like adding my own thoughts.

    I agree that Most often than not, IM can’t digest the thought of his female counter-part’s being superior to him, but if you look at the overall system of marriage in our society, like Male should be elder to the Female or Financially superior, all this is to make sure that he shouldn’t face the above mentioned complex.

    Once i asked one of my female friend that what does she expect of her spouse, and e’thing she said, pointed to only one thing, she herself wanted a man who’ll take care of herself, with whom she’ll fell safe. I don’t want ot generalize this theory bur till date i have rarely found females who had a different point of view.

    BTW i recently started reading your posts and i’m really impressed with your views, although not alwasy agreeable.

    Its good to know that our society has females like you, who have the courage to say and do what they want.