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  1. Hahaha… I am currently feeling bad being 27, and hating/dreading the moment I will turn 30, thought its quite a long way from now..
    I know nothing will change, but I still dont want to be anything other than 25. But then, I dont reduce my age like that Classmate of yours.. 🙂

  2. Depressing. Very depressing.

    But you know what the good thing is. Its all the guy’s fault. He should have spoken to the diva for more than 5 minutes! Anyways, this makes us all happy now. Its his fault not hers.

  3. Subject in question was depressed coz’ she couldn’t hold a conversation with some guy for more than 5 minutes? Boy, that is unbelievable! Either that guy was a total non-conversationalist or uninterested in the alliance. I think, a guy will talk out of courtesy if not for anything else!