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  1. Chivalry- June 12th , 2007

    Chivalry has pathetically dropped in the last decade. Both men and women are becoming competitive in all aspects. Needless to raise a vital issue that men had started the initiative stop honoring women and showing some etiquette that ladies value more than anything in this world !!!!! Wake up men before its too late!!!!!! Wake up women too as you both are capable to to be noble, lving and giving.

  2. Thank you for granting me the opportunuity to express my own individual conviction that we are living in a chaotic world that requires a stand from each one of us. Let us start with ourselves first and be positive in our attitude. We ought to race with time and regain the honorable qualities and never cast them away.Chivalry, courtesy, respect are the ingredients of a civilized life. It is never too late…… Trust me , if we collaborate together , life will be just wonderful as you all are.

    Ghada Hamati ( Jordanian )

  3. Chivalry is as alive as you let it be. With you calling your self a “bitch” you automatically disqualify yourself from recieving gallantry at any level. You can not complain about chivalry, or the lack of, when you do not accord your side of it. I honestly have no clue what side your taking on this ordeal. You are either complaining about the absent of chivalry or the idea that is presents.–>

  4. True, chivalry is not dead..yet. It has about 40-50 years left. Unless I get hit by a truck t’row. 🙂
    It is your prerogative to seek equality. It is everyone’s duty to maintain chivalry.

  5. It’s a world where ‘equality of gender’ screams to be heard. Chivalry, yep, sure does look good, but it ridicules the aforementioned gender equality, in a way. I don’t see any lady rising to greet a gentleman! Do you!?