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  1. @anand: 🙂 I’m glad to hear that. Desire is not gender-specific, after all.

    @Roy, rakhi: Thanks, guys!

    @The Dreamcatcher: And which is more excruciatingly pleasurable? Satiation or not?

    @’nonnymous: 🙂

    @frissko: I think it’s neither. It’s that grey twilight zone where all of life lives.

  2. Loved it…I’d replace the hard-on analogy with something more subtle…But good stuff all the same…

    It’s funny how this skewed sense of morality prevents us from doing things every other sense of ours want us to do…I’ve never been sure if it’s good or bad…

  3. //She spent the first few days in an uncomfortably suspended state of desperate desire. This was probably what it felt like to be a guy, she surmised, with a perpetual hard-on and no sign of release.

    Huh…. reminded me of that artist guy is ‘eleven minutes’.. Expected to be obsessed with sex…..

    Can identify with the feeling though….