Notes from the surviving city – 2

My first day back in the world after two days in a shell of immediate survival. Everyone in office had a story to tell.

One of the girls left office on Tuesday and we had no news from her till late this morning. She still hasn’t managed to get home to the as-yet-flooded Thane.

Another girl had to swim through the flood in one place, past dead bodies floating around her.

Every single house on the ground floor of my colony has suffered heavy losses as their furniture and appliances all got carried away in the flood.

In the building opposite to mine, an elderly gentleman needed medical help because of low B.P. His son and grandson were both marooned in Lonavla. It was only the next morning, after the flood, that his daughter was able to take him to the hospital.

My best friend’s father got home late Wednesday night after 27 hours in the car. He is diabetic and he couldn’t stand on his feet by the time they were home.

My friend got home at 4 a.m. with seven others, forming a human chain and braving the current from the over-flowing Powai lake.

I met a classmate who told me that the compound wall of my school had collapsed killing 11 children under it.

It is still raining.
God, have mercy….how much more?


  1. I would say,if possible dont go out of home untill heavy rain stops.Your company would not go bankcrupt if you dont go for some days.

    Take Care….

  2. blessings and prayers 4 fast drainage of floodwaters. And I promise to spread more awareness of reducing emissions to reduce the greenhouse effect, to reduce variance in global warming, to reduce unprecedented altering in global climate, to reduce deluge and drought situations, to reduce death and destruction of plant, animal & human lives and property (belonging only to the last group).

  3. Never realised how bad the scene was until i came to your blog…damn! i hate being so unaware…Glad you are safe.
    Take care and hope things return to normalcy soon.

  4. I was awake making frantic calls which were never answered. After reading some circulated mails, I came to know about the gravity of the situation.


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