Performance Poetry

I performed last night at the iBar ‘Words tell Stories’ Open Mic organised by Rochelle. Since Rochelle was the one to introduce me to Spoken Word/Performance Poetry, I feel like I should push my boundaries constantly and present her with my best efforts.

My first real performance piece was at her first event where I did ‘Paper Plane’, a piece about letting go and finding your own peace. Last month, at her second event, I took my audience along on a first date with ‘The Dating Thing’. It was a story of wide-eyed hope and falling in love.

This time, I delved into the bittersweet realities that underlined my later relationships. By a certain age, everyone comes with baggage and falling in love is a different experience from when your hearts were clean slates. It was also my first attempt at moving away from the purely conversational and into more formal poetic structures. I call it Patchwork Relationship. Here is the piece (with apologies for the poor video quality — this was shot on a mobile phone in a very dark bar).

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