Unbearably Light Monday

I’ve discovered that the only way to survive Monday is to charge at it like you’re on a roller-coaster. Eyes closed, hurtle into it at top speed. It will be over before you know it and what’s more you may even have had fun.

You can count the broken bones and dead bodies on Tuesday. 


I kick-started with a Hallmark-cheery post complete with a Kodak moment from my Thailand trip (shut up Brad, I’m allowed to pull out from my favorite memories, I don’t get to see a clean beach through the fog every day!) 

Lunch-time and I headed out for a cold sandwich. Yeah, yeah, yeah I had to step out in the hot sun but white-blind sunlight has a way of charging me…I must run on solar batteries (which explains my moody blues in the monsoon). Hmm, I did spend most of my lunch hour traveling to and fro and a short 10 minutes wolfing it down, but what the hell…the break in routine was worth it. 

Sensorcaine called ‘just’…and also because her darling hubby was out of town. “How interesting” smirked SNC…”Looks like the two of you will have fun”. Got to her place only around 2000 hrs (does anyone other than the army and I use the 24 hour clock?) after fighting and haggling with various auto drivers. I was greeted by Sensorcaine’s wicked as always grin with a puzzled Pickwick baby balanced on her hip. 

Damn, damn, damn…I’m being a good employee but a bad daughter, a bad date, a bad friend and now a bad auntie as well. My darling neffy-poo is growing up and I haven’t seen him in months! Resolution: More time to those who matter. Maybe I should quit running after the 20-somethings and concentrate on men under 2 feet, aged 1 or less. Now Pickwick baby showed off his papa’s smile and his momma’s cunning. Which makes me fear for the pretty young things 15 years hence (who are probably in the process of being produced as I write). Sensorcaine comes with a “Slightly evil. Watch out” look that all her friends have learnt to recognize. Her husband on the other hand, has the sweet amiable look of someone you instinctively like and trust. Now put the two together….tadadada, move over Casanova, Pickwick’s here! Talking to Sensorcaine is sooooo much fun always. And so satisfying. She reminds me of clichés (time flies when you’re having fun) and newer thoughts (you don’t make friends, you only recognize them) alike. We discussed my love life, her mommy life, our respective sets of parents, Indian perceptions of beauty, homosexuality, bloggers, hand-writing analysis, Pickwick,….and umm, various other things that are ‘not to be  mentioned here’ (to be whispered in a conspiratorial undertone). At 2330 I finally staggered out, drunk on her evil jokes and my silly ones and a damned fine conversation. Which was terminated abruptly as the lift doors started to shut. I jabbed the open button and then she impulsively stepped up to give me a hug. Wherin the lift doors started to shut again, pressing me into a group hug.  

And I went home to The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

15 thoughts on “Unbearably Light Monday

  1. that looks like one monday well spent… just like friday or saturday…

    and i remember your tuesday fears also begin with shut lifts or something like that no?

    and finally… why have you categorized this under 55 word? torturous tuesday taking its effects haan?

  2. Oh dont ya worry abt the 24-hr timing! I drive my mom crazy by setting every digital clock in the house on 24-hr time! The warm sun can be quite an uplifter actually! Nothing like the blazing beams to shoo the blues outta you! Nice post lady…

  3. @ Iyer: The recessive gene keeps showing through. 😀 Its a kolam, not a rangoli!

    @ Sensorcaine: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    @ Menagerie: I’m not sure if blogger allows it. WordPress gives you the option with every single post.

    @ Grey Shades: Heehee…I agree, I’m a morning person too.

    @ Sakshi: What mail? Plizz to send again to just_astatistic@yahoo.com

  4. Hi, I’ve just come across your blog and find it really interesting (enjoyed this post by the way!)

    Will definitely be back to visit again!

    Take care
    Sheetal (South Africa)

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