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  1. OMG. I’m sorry I hadn’t read this until now. I am so sorry you had to see your people go through this, and I’m glad you stayed safe.
    Anything they published in the newspapers or magazine falls short of what you just explained here. This should be published.

  2. at such times the govt. only had to issue one warning….stay where u are and cd have restricted movements…im glad we stayed back at school…
    Good to know u r safe

  3. I never understood the extent of devastation until I read this post. I hope the rain eases up soon and things come back to normal.

  4. Ideasmithy,
    Glad everything is ok. Was nice to talk to you the other day 🙂 The Mumbaikar spirit will never die!
    Cya in Mumbai

  5. I visited your blog courtesy the comment you wrote on mine months back. The reason i stopped by is, that you are from mumbai and i was expecting a self-experienced narration of the devastating rain.
    let me tell you, i was touched by what i read in newspapers of the undaunting spirit of mumbaikars in the event of the ongoing crisis. your blog elucidates that further! Hope the brave city and its exemplary citizens have a speedy recovery and aid reaches affected-areas in the way they should.

  6. hey smithy! what an experience ! I’ve been hearing people telling me about it but I had no idea it was this bad! glad u made it through unscathed.

    Its very touching to read about the samaritan acts of bombayites.. i have great respect for the city coz of them.

  7. Harrowing.
    Can’t believe i was there just a couple of weeks ago … and it had almost completely ceased to rain around that time :O
    Hope everything in bombay comes back to how i saw it while leaving.

  8. Thank you, all three of you for that. Yes, it was a harrowing experience and an unforgettable one. The best thing that came from it was the way the city stuck together.

  9. Gd that you are safe…

    I read on rediff and some sites that some people had to stay out for whole night ..God u were also one of did u manage whole night? really those who were at homes waiting for there loved one to come must had worried like hell..Hope this weather gets better soon …

    Take care…