Romantic setting

It’s a filthy city, no doubt, strewn with plastic waste.

But when you have someone real to walk with you, even a walk through a plastic world can seem romantic.

Apparantly romance has nothing to do with beautiful places and comfortable surroundings. Who says Mumbai has no romance?


This is a candid shot of a couple that walked past me on a crowded, dirty (as you can see) beach. On the seven crowded islands, perhaps the one place a couple can find some privacy is the beach, open to the elements on one end. The sight of plastic waste strewn over the city might have seemed bizarre but believe me, even in the midst of all the clamour they looked like they were enjoying each other so much…I just had steal a piece of their lives away to remind me of what really lies deep within even the plastic people in this city.

In a city of lonely, bright lights, there willΒ always be the beach and couple walking down it, holding hands.

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10 thoughts on “Romantic setting

  1. @ Sreejith: Errrm, I would hope not, it doesn’t sound complimentary!

    @ Rambler: That’s profound. Care to a post? πŸ™‚

    @ Apoo: *Slap!*

    @ JulieLuongo: Terrible, isn’t it?

    @ Marielle: Kind of grows on you, doesn’t it? πŸ˜€

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