Leopard print shoes Mumbai train

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  1. @ santhosh: I am most comfortable and fluent communicating in English. As I see it, language is a vehicle for your thoughts and I’m going with the fastest, most convenient one for me. But yes, more power to Indian languages with text translators!

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    hi, it is nice to go through ur blog…and it is well informative too…by the way why don’t you start a blog in your own mother tongue…? as i know it is not a big task….

    recently i was searching for the user friendly Indian language typing tool and found .. ” quillpad”. heard that it is much more superior than the Google’s indic transliteration…!? It gives you the option of Rich Text as well as 9 Indian languages…whereas Google is providing only 5 languages and no Rich text option…

    It is indeed a pleasure as well as proud moment to express our views in our own mother tongue…and it is our duty too….. so, save,protect,popularize and communicate in our own mother tongue….

    try this, http://www.quillpad.in

    Jai…. Ho….