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  1. Lines that spoke to me

    • Harshaman's Stories talk about feeling the tug between two places-one that feels like home and one that is dutifully home. It took me back to my own crossroads when I was the age he is at now

    And maybe younger idea smith be sitting on a bench little discouraged not knowing what to do next? Or where to go next? It’s also equally fascinating to think that when you time travel and go back to meet yourself, what would you tell the younger you. I bet it would be an interesting, hopeful conversation.

    • Freshly minted adult in a dirty metropolis

    • I really wanted us to be together. It seemed Bangalore did too

    • The accent sat easy on my ears

    • Bangalore had coffeeshops that served internet

    • It was flowers, cigarettes, love poetry & rock music, a brave new world, a brave new me

    • The city had no jobs for me

    Its fascinating how we are drawn to place like water going down in a sink

    • At that time, Mumbai threw me a lifesaver. A job. A career. A purpose. A network. A blog. An identity. A life

    How certain cities shape our lives, how certain cities shape ourselves

    • I love the little pieces of magic, we experience in cities and on the internet. Fleeting intimacies. Flash kinship. Bite-sized sharing. Byte-sized caring

    City dwellers know the pain of never having roots but never growing wings either. And today internet is just one big city

    And I'll tweet you a poem that will make you cry. One single tear

    • Everyone's welcome except loneliness

    • I turn into a teenager around you

    Except I was an unpopular kid, awkward and diffident. And you were nice to me. You treated me as if I was just like you. A cool kid

    You saw me twenty years ago, the way I am with the world today. A cool adult that turns into a giggly teen at the memory of a guy who was nice to her

    I haven't really changed since you changed me by seeing me that way

    • Mumbai is never kind but it is always generous

    • Mumbai will never be that and even Bangalore is not that any more

    The place we chose today maybe a green land today, but a desert tomorrow, and a desert may become a green land tomorrow