Life of a Human Resources Person

Of course all of us hate HR people. All of us, save the ones who are HR professionals themselves.

Reasons I don’t like them:
1. All they seem to do is sit around, look good and enjoy the AC.
2. They’re annoyingly calm over such earth-shattering events like your salary hasn’t been credited or you’ve been skipped for a promotion.
3. They wear a constant martyred holier-than-thou air of pouring oil on troubled waters.
4. They are constantly surrounded by files and papers which seem to be all printouts of inane presentations.
5. They’re constantly spouting new gyaan and organising gyaan-driven workshops.
6. They’ll get their salary even when the sales are down and you haven’t achieved the target.

Whew! Having gotten all that off, I have to say I get some remarkable insights into the life of an HR person from friends who are in that line of work (not to mention bitchy comments that no one would suspect such wonderful souls of having made!)

So here’s starting another series on the experiences of a Human Resources Professional (HRP), as shared with close confidante (CC)

HRP: Da da de dum…
CC: Why are you so happy?
HRP: Happy? Oh you mean that smiley I had to paste on the mail about the new incentives plan? The damn connection hung after I logged into that site you told me. Took the IT guys an hour to sort it out and by then the department was very happy with a capital H!
CC: Happy? Now you’re getting saracastic
HRP: Oh nooo…because of the goof-up, everyone had a choice of two bakras for the day…HR and IT. Anyway, its over and the weekend is here! I’ll just check my last mails and leave for the day.
HRP: $%&#@!!!!!!!
CC: Now what?
HRP: There’s yet another recruitment drive and guess who gets to play hostess to the candidates this weekend?

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