Quoted In Sunday Mid-Day Story – ‘Why Men Won’t Let Women Speak’

Yesterday’s Sunday Mid-Day (20 November 2011) carried a story titled ‘Why Men Won’t Let Women Speak‘ by Soumya Rajaram. It was a 2-page feature on the phenomenon of women being unfairly (and harshly) targetted online for verbal assaults. The Twitter tag #Mencallmethings was referenced as was #LadiesWeWantAnswers issue (which I’d blogged about here).

I was quoted and the other recognizable names in the story were Kiran Manral, Harini Calamur, Janaki Ghatpande and The Mad Momma.

Here’s an excerpt of what I said,

“Women are at risk in the real world too, and yet we manage to travel,work and live reasonably safe lives. There are laws to protect us and there is a social structure in place; it tells you what’s permissible and what’s not. Whatever safety and freedom we enjoy, comes because we all recognise this structure. I’m hoping that the Internet will follow the same principle. This will be hastened if there are tangible measures attached to curb online harassment.”

Read the full article on the Mid-Day site. Here’s the epaper clipping:

Update: The best friend brought it to my notice that a preview of this article appeared in the Saturday Mid-day edition on 19 November 2011, with my picture in it. This appears to have been an even bigger story than I first thought.

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